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The OLK61AXPP test set is the complete solution necessary for the installer to test, terminate, trouble shoot and document POF systems. The OLK61AXPP is designed to allow testing of all parameters of POF networks, including output power levels from the fiber, coupled source power and attenuation loss in a cable. The testset includes:

The meter is designed for POF (plastic optical fiber) and short wavelength applications (visible and near infrared). The meter optimizes a Silicon detector suitable for large core fibers. It is the ideal tool for working with shorter wavelengths whether the system is glass, plastic or multimode fibers. The meter has an user selectable choice of 0,1 or 0,01 dB resolution, on board memory for 500 readings with date and time stamp, a serial port and an USB port for communication with a PC. In the internal memory of the meter 500 readings and results can be stored. The included PC software easily download and document the measurement results stored in the memory. The results can be printed directly in detail or as list from the software or can be saved in a spreadsheet file. The meter measures optical power, loss (attenuation) and optical return loss. The meter is calibrated at industry standard wavelengths (NIST traceable). The zero reference function is ideal for testing fiber optic cables in dB, the reference value is saved in the power meter. A universal 2,5 mm universal adapter with a threaded housing is included, other adapters are also available as an accessory. Due to the backlight the data is always visible. The meter is delivered in a protective rubber boot.


The sender is optimized for POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) and larger core multimode applications. The sender has a 650 nm universal connector and a 850 nm ST, SC, FC connector. The light source is designed for performing insertion loss measurements on fiber optic links when used with an optical power meter. Whether testing outside plant or premise an optical source is the perfect tool when combined with an optical power meter. The output is stabilized to ensure accurate test results per current TIA/EIA requirements. The wavelengths are individually adjustable with a mechanical screw to have a variable attenuator or to reduce the output power. This make it able to save battery power when high optical output power is not necessary, or to turn up the power to test long runs. This unit is easy to operate with only a wavelength/power switch, which selects optical wavelengths or disables the unit. The sender is delivered in a protective rubber boot.

The MSP200XP is a high-resolution glass optics scope with 200x magnification for both multimode and single-mode fibers. The MSP200XP is portable and is an ideal field tool for inspecting fiber terminations. The Fiber Microscope utilizes a white LED for coaxial illumination. Light is focused into the optical path (axis) so that it comes out the tip of the ferrule and strikes the sample perpendicular to the fiber end-face. It produces excellent detail of scratches and contamination. The MSP200XP is equipped with an attenuating, laser safety filter to reduce the risk of eye damage when the user accidentally views a fiber with active emissions. The MSP200XP is equipped with a standard 2,5 mm adapter, optional is an 1,25 mm adapter.

OLK61AXPP Test Kit Package Contents:
1 OM210A
1 OS417MD
1 MSP200XP
2 AD100 (Universal 2.5mm)
1 SmartWare V3.00
1 CBL100 (OM-2xx to Serial Cable)
1 CBL200 (Serial to USB Cable)
2 Product Manual
1 CALM Calibration Meter
1 CALS Calibration Sender
1 Trim Tool
4 Alco Wipe
OLK61AXPP Options:
   - See options list
Applications Multimode, Premise, Short Wavelengths, Plastic
Calibrated (λ)Wavelength  665nm, 790nm & 850nm
Dynamic Range +3,0 dBm to -55,0 dBm
Detector Type 3mm Silicon
Connectors ST, SC, FC
Adaptor Options See options list
Accuracy (@25C, -20.0 dBm) 0.25 dB
Measurement Units dBm (absolute), - dB (relative) and Watts
Resolution 0.01dB
Storage 500 Readings with Time and Date Stamp
Serial Interface Yes
USB Interface Yes
PC Software Documentation Software
Controls 7 Soft Buttons
Buttons On/Off, Backlight, λ/↑, dB-dBm/↓, Zero Reference/Select, Save/Delete, Test/Results
Power 2 AA Batteries or AC Power Converter
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Display Graphical LCD with Backlight
Auto-Shutdown Yes
Protective rubber boot Yes
Testing reference guide Yes
Enclosure Size L: 125 mm W: 70 mm H: 30mm
Weight 230 gram
Operation Temperature -10C to +50C (45% Hum, non condensing)
Storage Temperature -20C to +60C (75% Hum, non condensing)
Applications Plastic, large core and multimode
Wavelength (λ) 650nm and 850nm
Output type LED
Modulated Frequencies

CW (Continuous Wave)

Stability, 1 hour Less than 0.5 dB
Power Output >-17dBm at 850nm, individually adjustable with mechanical screw
Connectors Universal for 665 nm and ST for 850 nm

Front panel slide switches

Power 2 AA Batteries or AC Power Converter
Low battery indicator


Protective rubber boot Yes
Enclosure Size L: 125 mm, W: 70 mm, H: 30 mm
Weight 180 gram
Operation Temperature -10C to +50C (45% Hum, non condensing)
Storage Temperature -20C to +60C (75% Hum, non condensing)
Applications Multimode and Single mode
Optical Magnification 200x
LED Rated life 100,000 Hrs
Controls Momentary On/Off switch, Fine-Focus control
Safety Filter Built in IR filter

Adapter Interface

2,5 mm universal standard optional 1,25 mm available
Power Requirements 3 pieces 1,5 Volt AAA alkaline Batteries
Size L: 225 mm, Diameter 32 mm
Weight 0.6Kg
Number of measurements 500 measurements
User information Company name
Phone number
Job ID
Fiber parameters User fiber ID
Fiber type
Fiber details
Connector type
Meter readings Model meter
Calibration date
Reading ID
Time and date
Meter fiber parameters Fiber length (km)
Number of connectors
Number of splices
Fiber analyse results Wavelength
Actual reading
Allowable loss
Overhead margin
Qualified CE, RoHS and WEEE
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