TBXTLSO Termination toolkit with oven

The TBXTLSO is a fiber termination toolkit with a case. This set contains all the tools and the curing oven, but it does not include the test equipment. This set contains the following products: FCT100 Visual Fault Locator ST/SC/FC, MSP200XP Microscope, Polishing pad, Safety Glasses, Scribe, Armored Tubing Cutters, Kevlar Scissors, Needle Nose Pliers, Rotary Cable Stripper, Fiber Optic Stripper, Buffer Tube Stripper, Crimp Tool, Tweezers, Polishing Puck, Polishing Plate and Curing Oven.

TBXTLSO Features:
l Fiber termination tools

Including curing oven


Delivered in a case

Termination Tools FCT100 Visual Fault Locator ST/SC/FC
MSP200XP Microscope
Polishing pad
Safety Glasses
Armored Tubing Cutters
Kevlar Scissors
Needle Nose Pliers
Rotary Cable Stripper
Fiber Optic Stripper
Buffer Tube Stripper
Crimp Tool
Polishing Puck
Polishing Plate
Curing Oven
Qualified CE, RoHS and WEEE