Options OLK51AP POF Test Set OM110A/OS417MD
AD100 FC/SC/ST adapter
AD110 ST/AT&T adapter
AD120 FC adapter
AD130 SC adapter
AD141 AMP Optimate adapter
AD142 AMP Optimate DNP adapter
AD146 AMP (J) Plastic Connector adapter
AD150 SMA FSMA adapter
AD160 H-P HFBR 4501 adapter
AD162 H-P HFBR 4503/4532 adapter
AD164 H-P HFBR 4506/4531 adapter
AD168 HFBR 4516 Dual Plastic adapter
AD171 Biconic LBLB adapter
AD172  Biconic LA1A adapter
AD175 F705-017-000 adapter
AD177 Dia GSF-3/HMS3 adapter
AD180 NEC D4 adapter
AD185 Hughes Contact adapter
AD186 Hughes Pin4569994-126 FOOOH adapter
AD190 Sumi Mini BNC adapter
AD195 Radial Optoball adapter
AD196 Radial VFO 710 adapter
AD210 Lucent LC adapter
AD215 S/LWL (DIN 4255) adapter
AD220 AT&T Rotary spl adapter
AD230 FDDI Duplex adapter
AD240 3M Bayonet Bicon adapter
AD270 Amphenol MFM adapter
AD310 MTRJ Connector adapter
AD320F 38999 Female adapter
AD320M 38999 Male adapter
AD325 TELLAB/MOLEX adapter
AD330 IBM ESCON adapter
AD340 Diamond E2000 adapter
AD350 Siemmens SV400 Series adapter
AD360 Toshiba FO7Duplex POF adapter
AD361 Toshiba TOCP155 TOSLINK POF adapter
AD370 Panduit Opti-jack adapter
AD380 3M Volition VF-45 adapter
AD390 LC/MU Uni adapter
CALM Calibration Meter
CALS Calibration Sender
DNP female to female coupler
POF 1 meter reference cable DNP male to DNP