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OS420ST Sender ST

The sender is for premises and campus cabling networks with multimode fiber or for single-mode fibers up to 5 km at 1300 nm. The connector output can be adapted to any cable plant with hybrid adapters or hybrid cables. This unit is easy to operate with only a wavelength/power switch, which selects optical wavelengths or disables the unit. The light source is designed for performing insertion loss measurements on fiber optic links when used with an optical power meter. Whether testing outside plant or premise an optical source is the perfect tool when combined with an optical power meter. The output is stabilized to ensure accurate test results per current TIA/EIA requirements. The wavelengths are individually adjustable with a mechanical screw to have a variable attenuator or to reduce the output power. This make it able to save battery power when high optical output power is not necessary, or to turn up the power to test long runs. The sender is delivered in a protective rubber boot.

OS420ST Features:
l Adjustable power output with mechanical screw
l Certify links per TIA/EIA standards
l Low battery indicator
l Rugged
l Handheld
l Lightweight
l Easy to use
OS420ST Package Contents:
1 OS420ST Sender ST
1 Product Spec Sheet
1 Carrying Pouch
1 CALS Calibration Sender
1 Trim Tool
OS420ST Options:
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Applications Permise cable networks with multimode fiber
Wavelength (λ) 850 nm and 1300 nm
Output type LED
Modulated Frequencies CW (Continuous Wave)
Stability, 1 hour Less than 0.05 dB
Power Output >-17 dBM, individually adjustable with mechanical screw
Connector ST
Controls Front panelslide switches
Power 2 AA Batteries or AC Power Converter
Low battery indicator Yes
Protective rubber boot Yes
Enclosure Size

L: 125 mm, W: 70 mm, H: 30 mm

Weight 180 gram
Operation Temperature -10C to +50C (45% Hum, non condensing)
Storage Temperature -20C to +60C (75% Hum, non condensing)


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