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DR535CUM OTDR 35/32/26/28dB ST/SC/FC
The DR535CUM is ideal for handheld use and pocket transportation. It is simple to operate and is the perfect installation, maintenance and link trouble shooting tool. It is the ideal OTDR for either the inexperienced or the experienced technician. The unit supports both a manual mode for the expert user which enables parameter setup and an automatic mode for the less experienced user which allows one touch auto run testing. The unit utilizes active sync for seamless USB connectivity with desktop software for advanced data analysis and storage capabilities. It is fully compliant and compatible with the .sor file format outlined in the belcore GR-196 OTDR data standardization document.  It is a full featured OTDR offering a wide dynamic range. It also offers a long battery life enabling the technician to continuing test up to eight hours. The unit is light weight weighing less than 725 grams. It is extremely rugged with a thick protective rubber boot surrounding the outer case.
DR535CUM Features:
l Compact and rugged case.
l Events table and auto test function.
l Weight less than 725 grams.
l Bellcore .sor format compatible.
l USB jump drive compatible for extra storage.
l 9 hours of operation, fast charging Li-Ion battery.
l High contrast full color display.
l User friendly and easy to operate.
DR535CUM Package Contents:
1 DR535CUM
1 ABL0 Calibration OTDR with power meter
1 USB data transfer cable
1 DR500 series PC software
1 Soft carrying case
1 Product manual
DR535CUM Options:
l See options list
Applications Multimode/Singlemode (Quad)
Connector Universal connectors ST/SC/FC (UPC) - SM
  Universal connectors ST/SC/FC (UPC) - MM
Class C (close event detector and large attenuation measurements like PONS networks)
Wavelength (30nm) 850/1300/1310/1550nm
Dynamic range 850nm = 26dB
1300nm = 28dB
1310nm = 35dB
1550nm = 32dB
Attenuation Dead Zone 5 M
Event Dead Zone 1 M
Pulsewidth 6.1000nS
Distance Range 2,5,10,20,40,80,120,160,240 Km
Data Points Up to 64,000
Loss Resolution 0.001dB
Distance accuracy (0.5+510-5L+(dn/n)L)
Refractive Index Range Setting 1.0000..2.0000
Unit measurement Feet or Meters
Input/Connection with PC USB and ActiveSync
Power supply Li-Ion battery (9 hours) / External supply 12V @ 1.5amps
Software Windows (Bellcore *.sor formaat)
Requirements laptop or PC Vista, Windows 7/ 9x/NT/2000 and XP versions
Language English
OTDR Modes Full Auto, Expert and Real Time
Return Loss Yes
Loss Resolution (dB) 0.001
Sampling resolution (m) 0.16m..7.6m
Storage Capability ~ 1000 traces
LSA measurement Yes
Digital distance fault indication Yes
Attenuation coeficient Yes
Attenuation Measurement Accuracy 0.05dB
Automatic measurement with threshold level Yes
Display 8cm TFT 16 bit full color
Housing ABS
Size (without boot) 16cm X 9cm X 5cm
Weight 725 grams
Operation Temperature 0.. +40C
Relative Humidity 95% Without Condensation
Qualified CE, RoHS and WEEE
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