FMD200 Microscope
The FMD200 is designed to inspect fiber termination ends, providing the most critical view of the fiber end face. This mini scope is smaller, lighter and easier to carry than a standard hand held scope. The FMD200 has two separate light modes, co-axial LED mode for direct viewing of the end face and oblique LED mode for angle viewing of the end face.
FMD200 Features:
l Small, compact and hand held
l Dual light mode co-axial and oblique
l 200 power standard
l 2.5mm adapter standard
l 1.25mm adapter available
l Auto off function

Optical Magnification:

Safety Filter: IR Filter
Light Source: White Light
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Size: 7.5L x 1.77D
Power Source: 2pcs. x AAA
Qualified CE, RoHS and WEEE