AHH0 Fusion splicer
The AHH0 is an Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer with a big screen LCD display employs a high-speed image processing technology and special precision positioning technology, which makes the whole splicing process operated automatically within 10 seconds. It can be used widely in different work related to optical fiber cable engineering or for teaching and scientific research in institutes and colleges. Its small size and light weight especially make it suitable for field work.
AHH0 Features:
l Fiber core can be display clearly.
l Applicable Fiber: SM, MM, NZ-DS, EDF, Pigtail, Rubber-insulated wire series.
l Fiber Holder: only one fiber holder and no need to change(Patented Feature)
l USB port, store 6000 results, 10s splicing, 30s heating.
l Auto check quality of cleaved end face.
l Auto select best splicing program
l Single X or Y view and X & Y view simultaneously.
l Built-in light for placing fiber.
l 9 seconds splice time and 30 seconds heat time.
l Small bulk and light weigh
l 5.7 inch color LCD monitor with clear digital image display.
l Simple Operation menu.
l Real-time battery power monitoring.
l Long continuously using time.
AHH0 Package Contents:
1 AHH0 Fusion splicer
1 Cleaver
1 Display Cover
1 Power Adapter
1 AC Power Cable
1 Cooling Pallet
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Plastic Tweezers
1 Carrying Case
AHH0 Options:
l AHH3 Spare Electrode AAH0(1 pair)
l AHH2 Certification calibration AAH0
Application SM, MM, NZ-DS, EDF, Pigtail, Rubber-insulated wire series
Optical fiber outer diameter 125 um (standard)
coating layer outer diameter: 0.2- 1.5 mm.
Alignment Core Align or Envelope Align
Image Processing Digital-Image Processing
Typical Splice Loss 0.02 dB (SM Fiber)
0.01 dB (MM Fiber)
Typical Splice Time 10 seconds
Typical Heat Time 30 seconds (It can be adjusted)
Splice Mode 53 factory modes
40 user modes
Heat Mode 9 factory Models 24 user Mode (Built-in heater)
Fiber Magnification 300 times (X Axis or Y Axis); 150 times (X Axis and Y Axis)
Battery Standby Time Splicing 150 times after a full charge
Proof Test 2 N
Continuous Loss Storage 6000 groups of the latest results, each 20 kinds of parameters
Display 5.7-inch LCD
USB Interface connected to computers for data transmission, storage or print
VGA Interface used to connect to computers or LCD TV
LAN Port updated-version software for remote control
Working Temperature -10C to 50C
Storage Temperature -40C to 60C
Working Humidity < 95% RH (no condensation)
Storing Humidity 0-95%
Working Altitude 0-5000 meters
Highest Wind Speed 15 m/s
Power Supply AC 100-240 V (Power Adapter); built-in Lithium Battery
Power Consumption 25W
Size 150mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 150mm (H)
Weight 3.2 Kg
Qualified CE, RoHS and WEEE