CMS0018 US-128 multimode ultrasplices
The CSM0018 is a high performance, cost effective, mechanical fiber optic splice that is reusable and easy to install for emergency or permanent installations. The splice features a glass capillary alignment tube, pre-loaded with index matching gel, to allow inspection of fiber location during installation. Additionally, the collet locking nuts allow users to adjust and secure the fiber for optimum alignment and retention. This splice is for 125 Ám cladding multimode applications. It accepts any combination of 250 Ám coated and 900 Ám buffered fibers. The colour of the splice is orange for easy recognition.
Application Multimode
Typical splice loss < 0,2 dB
Return loss < -50 dB
Length 40 mm
Diameter 5,7 mm
Body 4 mm square
Weight 0,86 gram
Qualified CE, RoHS and WEEE